1.5L Fuel Retriever

• Designed for both petrol and diesel vehicles, to retrieve excess fuel from fuel lines before maint..


1/2"-3/4"Sq Drive Torque Multiplier - for Ford EcoBoost Engine

• The torque multiplier has a 1/2"Sq drive input and 3/4"Sq drive output. • A torque multiplier is n..


1/2"Sq Drive 22mm Vanos Unit Socket 16pt - BMW, Mini, Ford

• Vanos unit socket for BMW, Mini and Ford. • 22mm 16-Point socket. • 1/2"Sq drive...


1/2"Sq Drive Angular Torque Gauge

• Designed to be used with any 1/2"Sq drive breaker bar. • Tough composite dial and rotating index l..


1/2"Sq Drive Clip-On Angular Torque Gauge

• Designed to be used with 1/2"Sq drive breaker bar. • Steel dial and rotating index line allows ope..


1/2"Sq Drive Oil Filter Chain Wrench Ø135mm Capacity

• Satin finished carbon steel body with 1/2"Sq drive for use with ratchet wrenches. • May also be us..


1/2"Sq Drive Oil Filter Strap Wrench Ø120mm Capacity

• Satin chrome finish socket. • Use with 1/2"Sq drive ratchet or 21mm(13/16") spanner. • Strong 25mm..


1/4"Sq Drive Oil Drain Plug Key - VAG

• 1/4"Sq drive key. • Suitable for the plastic sump plugs found on VAG TFSi engines. • Can also be ..


100mm Piston Ring Compressor Ø60-150mm Capacity

• Quality construction with sprung steel wrap and ratchet action tension mechanism. • Supplied with ..


10pc 1/2"Sq Drive Head Bolt Socket Bit Set

• Head bolt removal tools with long reach suitable for modern engines. • Nine drop-forged Chrome Van..


10pc Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Set

• Set of seven diesel injector seat cleaners, ream, centring pilot and T-handle. • Used to clean/dec..


10pc Gasket Punch Set

• Carbon steel body with spring loaded centring pin. • Suitable for cutting gasket material, cork or..


10pc Petrol Engine Compression Test Kit

• Ø59mm Gauge fitted with 250mm hose and quick connect. • Scale reads from 0-21bar(0-300psi). Kit in..


10pc Valve Seat Cutter Set

• Suitable for re-cutting inlet/exhaust valve seats concentric to the valve guides. • Features tungs..


11pc Noid Light/IAC Test Set

• Locate and isolate ECU signal faults fast. • Noid and idle air control valve indicator lights test..


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