Guns & Kits

Guns & Kits

1600W Hot Air Gun 375°C/500°C

• 2-Step switch for temperature and airflow control. • Gun can also stand vertically. • Suitable for..


1800W 3-Speed Hot Air Gun 50/420/650°C

• Equipped with 3-speed and temperature control. • Suitable for paint stripping, soft soldering, rem..


2000W 3-Speed Hot Air Gun 50-600°C

• Equipped with triple-range variable electronic temperature control. • Suitable for paint stripping..


2000W Deluxe Hot Air Gun Kit with LCD Display

• Fitted with variable electronic temperature control and LCD temperature display. • Suitable for pa..


2000W Hot Air Gun Kit 350°C/600°C

• Suitable for paint stripping, soft soldering, removing sticky labels and defrosting frozen pipes. ..


2000W Variable Temperature Hot Air Gun Kit

• 2-Step airflow control switch, with variable temperature range on both levels. • Temperature Range..


20V SV20 Series Cordless Hot Air Gun - Body Only

• Part of the SV20 Series designed for the professional, offering heavy-duty, high performance, dura..


Plastic Welding Kit including HS102 Hot Air Gun

• Hot air gun kit supplied with two plastic welding nozzles, a pack of 36 ABS welding rods and a con..


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